Daily inspection of module type mobile concrete batching plant equipment


In order to ensure the normal operation of module type mobile concrete batching plant, daily concrete mixing station for daily inspection is essential. So what about the daily inspection work of the concrete mixing plant?

1, every day to check the rotation of the lubrication point of the work of the situation, timely supply of lubricants.

2, every day to check the lubricating oil within the mixer lubricating oil, timely supply of lubricants.

3, weekly check the air system on the oil mist on the oil level, the use of viscosity of 2.5 ~ 7 ¡ã E of the oil.

4, every day before and after the shutdown to open a drain valve, the air compressor and gas tank condensed water discharge.

5, fasteners (such as bolts and nuts) to check whether the loose weekly, found to be loose, you must tighten in time, especially some of the variable load by the parts.

6, every day often check the water supply, gas supply and admixture system of the equipment is normal.

7, every day to check the electrical control system and the instrument is normal.

8, every day to check the mixer is stirring shaft and the overall clean and clean, if the mixing shaft condensation of concrete too much, must be manually into the clean-up.

9, every six months to clean up or replace the powder tank filter in the filter.

10, if the shutdown time more than a week or more, you must vent the material within the measurement bucket, and cleaning the mixing host, hopper, etc., to avoid the material consolidation.

The above is on the concrete mixing station daily inspection work, hope the majority of users pay attention.

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