The Principle and Function of Tubular Pile Dedicated Batching Plant Control System in Concrete Mixing Plant


The tubular pile dedicated batching plant control system is designed to achieve automatic control and modern management of concrete mixing stations. With the development of technology, is now used as a centralized computer batching control system, this paper on its principles and functions to do a detailed introduction.

1. The principle of centralized computer control system

The load cell mounted on the dosing frame converts the weight of the material flowing through the belt (inside the spiral scale) into a voltage signal which is sent to the signal amplifier for amplification and converted into a current signal. The speed sensor sends the material to the belt Speed screw machine) to the speed of the signal sent to the signal amplifier, the speed of the current signal after shaping the material with the weight of the current signal sent to the computer at the same time to calculate the product, you can know through the ingredients on the belt (spiral scale frame) material Flow and accumulation. The computer will compare the actual flow of the calculated material with the flow set value in the material formula and send out the control signal according to the comparison result. The signal is speeded by the inverter on the belt motor or speed control screw on the scale frame Adjustment can change the flow of materials, so that in accordance with the pre-set ratio of feeding.

2. Centralized computer equipment control system function

¢Ù software landing and electronic scale adjustment requires a user password, effectively guarantee the safety of important production data.

¢Ú full three-dimensional interface simulation simulation production conditions, real-time display of ingredients, weighing, error and other production data.

¢Û can be pre-arranged production orders and can re-adjust the production sequence.

¢Ü automatically according to the batch yield and mixing tank capacity automatically assigned single tank production.

¢Ý full Chinese fast proof and has a self-diagnosis and prompt function, to provide online use help.

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