Planetary concrete mixer cement warehouse in the use of the process of attention


Bulk cement warehouse as a stirring site of an erected, highly large, heavy silos, planetary concrete mixer is a very eye of the "dangerous molecules", the reason why it is dangerous, because the cement warehouse has caused casualties Of the "criminal record", then as the mixing station site staff should be used in the use of bulk cement warehouse process to pay attention to what matters?
Here we have from the cement warehouse before and after installation to explain the two aspects need to pay attention to what matters
   Cement tank before installation:
   1, to be strictly according to the factory to provide the foundation map to do the embedded pouring, to the silo upright weight with the cement base load capacity to achieve one to one;
   2, cement tank embedded foundation requirements in the same level, the error can not exceed 0.1% for the best;
   3, the installation of cement tank before the factory carefully check whether the accessories are complete, such as: butterfly valve, broken arch device, inside and outside the maintenance ladder, the top of the dust,
   After the cement tank is installed:
   1, to the cement silo soot, remember not to blow too full, the silo of the cement is too full will cause the warehouse air circulation is poor, the warehouse pressure is too large, there is the danger of explosion warehouse, the proposed open interest 80% For the best
   2, often replace the warehouse top dust and filter, to ensure that the cement warehouse air circulation, usually 1-2 months to replace once;
   3, it is recommended for the cement warehouse to install the upper and lower level meter, the time to grasp the silo more than material situation;
   4, check the top of the weld for a long time to leave the gap so that leakage and so on.
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