The latest twin-shaft concrete mixer of the six systems introduced


We all know that the twin-shaft concrete mixer equipment consists of a whole set of multiple systems, usually say that only five systems, in fact, is precisely composed of six systems; our latest type of concrete mixing station system are mixing system, batching system, Conveying system, powder metering system, liquid metering system, intelligent control system.
New twin-shaft concrete mixer system (new mixing system waiting on the line)

Double snail mixing host, stirring time savings of 15%, energy saving 20%; China is most do not have the axis of the mixing console (1 month clean 1);

Ingredients system

Vibration structure, and other multiple design to ensure that the material unloading smooth rough fine metering, automatic super-called deduction, lack of name function, to ensure the accuracy of measurement;

Conveyor system

Can be changed friction plate package drum, greatly shorten the maintenance time, half an hour can be replaced to complete. Two cleaning, the belt loss to a minimum;

Powder metering system

The size of the head to connect, to avoid the impact of the screw on the powder, said free frame structure, to avoid the impact of the main building on the powder, a reasonable breathable design, balance powder called air pressure, effectively prevent care,

Liquid metering system

Coarse fine metering, automatic super-charge said, said the name is not called fill, to ensure accurate measurement. Independent admixture, said the admixture can be "before the addition", "after the addition";

Intelligent control system (new system waiting on the line)

Self-developed dual-computer synchronous production management and control system, never stop; automatic, semi-automatic, manual three kinds of work is the production control more comfortable; all-round real-time check the equipment production status; report summary summary query can be customized production data cloud can Check, remote service, real-time, fast.
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