Construction of HZS concrete mixing plant how to carry out environmental protection measures


HZS concrete mixing plant in the field of construction is very widely used in the field, but for the application process to do a good job in the concrete mixing plant equipment in the use of various environmental protection measures, Liuhe construction machinery through the concrete mixing station of various aspects of technology research , There are many ways to use environmental protection measures in the operation of equipment, the most widely used is the material mixing process which dust, noise reduction, waste sewage has a good way to deal with, then give you a detailed explanation.

HZS concrete mixing plant during the operation of dust-proof method: equipment in the equipment on the side of the equipment 4 sprinkler equipment to avoid dust and dust to effectively prevent the phenomenon of dust flying, Liuhe production equipment for a variety of materials are sealed delivery Of the advantages, so as to effectively make the powder material throughout the delivery process to reduce the leakage of material dust. Field area sprinkler control dust. Do a good job in climate prediction operations, to avoid the wind in the wind production production dust, polluting the surrounding environment. Noise control: HZS concrete mixing plant equipment to be built in the remote area from the local. Do not arrange noise at night to do a great job of mechanical construction, to avoid all non-construction of the noise, and our production of mechanical equipment with a good mute effect, through a reasonable technical program, can effectively make the powder material to achieve the desired effect of mixing. Waste sewage treatment: the construction and the days of the waste produced in the pile and timely processing, construction and days of the sewage and wastewater generated by the sedimentation tank before the discharge. These are our HZS concrete mixing plant manufacturers Liuhe construction machinery for the construction of the entire equipment for environmental protection and effective protection methods, an outstanding living environment are relying on our strong in exchange for, so do the protection is our responsibility.

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