The construction of HZN concrete mixing plant is designed to reduce the dust of the project


In todays construction area using concrete mixing plant equipment for the construction of the entire site is very common, which requires an accurate program and reasonable construction in order to make the concrete concrete to achieve the desired effect, for todays environmental requirements are very strict today, for HZN concrete mixing plant to reduce the dust is necessary to solve the project, Liuhe construction machinery for the construction of HZN concrete which to achieve the desired dust removal effect need to use the dust machine built in the whole system, directly on the oblique belt hood. All the wind pipe is also connected to the oblique belt with a hood above the dust for the air duct to provide the settlement space, to reduce the amount of dust into the dust directly into the dust is a role. In the HZN concrete mixing plant dust collector dust collector hopper of the mouth of a device by the mixing station operating system active control of the pneumatic butterfly valve.

Luhe Construction Machinery It is recommended that you maintain regular inspection of the equipment for the maintenance of the entire equipment so that the whole equipment can be used for a longer period of time. It is very important to maintain the control of the dust collector in the maintenance of the silo dust collector. The majority of the HZN concrete mixing plant Customers usually know less than its importance, until the discovery of the role of dust is poor, safe relief valve began to smoke, the dust is now filled with dust, at this moment would like to recommend the vibrator in addition to dust on the filter, usually It is too late, this time to check and repair does not work. Therefore, Liuhe Construction Machinery recommends that you use a HZN concrete mixing plant that requires every shift that must be checked for each dust pipe is not dust, because the non-straight dust pipe is easy to block. To observe the dust collector dust collection situation, if necessary, to open up and clean the filter, so as to reduce the project dust, so as to achieve the desired effect of environmental protection

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