Three Tips for Improving the Working Efficiency of Commercial concrete mixing plant


Commercial concrete mixing plant as the real estate market continues to flourish, the market continues to heat up, the mixing station is now gradually improving the production efficiency, in the actual production and what factors affect the mixing station productivity?
1, feeding time, the commercial concrete mixing plant mixing time and the impact of the discharge time in the use of the user should regularly check the butterfly valve and related electronic components to ensure smooth operation, powder hopper mixer between the smooth connection to ensure feeding.
2, the commercial concrete mixing plant of the normal time mixing time, the user should check the mixing paddle in a good level, the raw material placed in the position, if there is a stirring shaft phenomenon effect and time effect; for some time, usually used Increase the capacity of the concrete hopper or reduce the discharge time by designing the concrete hopper design storage container.
3, commercial concrete mixing plant transport equipment
Users should be based on the mixing station production capacity and transport distance, equipped with enough transport vehicles, and will not be too specific not timely transport, affecting the progress of the project. The original station of the low efficiency, the development of todays high energy consumption efficiency is high, low energy consumption technology innovation is the key, you also need regular mixing device equipment maintenance management, the equipment in the best working condition, in the security check the daily maintenance of hidden dangers, And try to exclude, to ensure that the commercial concrete mixing plant safe and efficient work.
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