How to identify the fault location by Large inclination belt conveyor noise


What is the common noise on the large inclination belt conveyor?
We all know that if the sound of mechanical equipment and the normal time is not the same, it shows that the noise, and also shows that the mechanical equipment problems, and this time can not carelessly, it should quickly see where the sound is in the end , Where the problem, today Xiaobian teach you heard something:
1, the roller when the serious eccentric noise: belt conveyor running roller often abnormal noise, and accompanied by periodic vibration. Especially the return idler, because of its large length, since the major, the noise is relatively large. There are two main reasons for the occurrence of noise. First, the manufacture of roller seamless steel pipe wall thickness is uneven, resulting in a larger centrifugal force. Second, in the processing of both ends of the bearing hole center and the outer center of the larger deviation, so that centrifugal force is too large. In the bearing does not damage and allow the presence of noise can continue to use.
2, abnormal noise: belt conveyor running its drive device, drive the drum and reorient roller, and the roller group is abnormal will be issued when the abnormal noise, according to abnormal noise can determine the equipment failure.
3, the coupling of the two shafts when the noise is different: in the drive device high-speed motor and reducer coupling or brake wheel coupling with the abnormal noise, this noise is also accompanied by The same vibration as the motor rotation frequency. When this noise occurs, the position of the motor reducer should be adjusted in time to avoid the breakage of the input shaft of the gear unit.
4, change to the drum and drive the drum of the unusual noise: to the drum and drive the drum to work when the noise is very small, abnormal noise occurs when the bearing is generally damaged, the bearing seat gurgling sound, this time to replace the bearing.
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