Foundation Cost and Control of Commercial concrete mixing plant


Commercial concrete mixing plant as a very important part of the construction industry, is a lot of investors want to invest in the industry, in recent years, concrete mixing plant with the socio-economic and construction industry development is also increasing, the face of the project basis High cost, low bid price, profit characteristics of thin, concrete mixing plant base cost and cost control, in the protection of quality under the premise of as much as possible to obtain more profits, it is essential.
First, the basic cost of concrete mixing plant part
To choose cost-effective concrete mixing equipment, but not in order to seek cheap cheap to choose some of the small manufacturers of small products, such product quality and aftermarket are very imperfect, long-term view of the cost control is actually a bad thing.
Second, from the source to start, strictly control the entry of raw materials management
Raw material control is directly related to the quality of concrete, strictly control the raw materials approach, you have to start from the source, mainly in the following:
1. All large-scale raw materials for all bidding, shop around, the feedback on the feedback analysis, merit selection of the strength of the cooperation unit;
2. Establish a sound raw material procurement plan and approval system. So that there are plans, there are procurement, approval of the process control;
3. To establish a strict inspection and management system for entry and exit. Materials, strict control of the number of raw materials, quality, standards and plans are consistent with the poor quality, specifications do not match and without approval of the admission is strictly prohibited, standard acceptance certificate.
Third, the process of supervision, profit and loss analysis, Yanzhua every link, do not miss every detail
Strengthen the raw materials, equipment, process control, strict seize every link, do not miss every detail, reduce the cost of mixing station.
1. To strengthen the maintenance of raw materials to prevent secondary pollution, so as to avoid the waste of raw materials;
2. Profit and loss analysis and independent accounting, weekly statistics, monthly summary, always grasp the differences between raw materials and concrete;
3. Equipment control process, strengthen the process control, rational deployment of vehicles, improve equipment maintenance and maintenance, so that equipment is always in good condition to run, is strictly prohibited disease operations, resulting in unreasonable waste of concrete.
Fourth, good at summing up, come to rationalize the proposal
Mixing station cost control is a long and arduous task, the implementation of full management, the whole process of management, all aspects of management and all-round management, economic and technical combination of management. To continue to strengthen and improve the existing places, to seek feasibility solutions, in order to further strengthen the mixing station fine management, improve the cost of doing a good job of basic protection.

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