City double dressing twin-shaft concrete mixer will shine


At the end of 2016, the Minister of Housing and Urban Construction, Chen Zhenggao, put forward the work of "comprehensively promoting the work of the city  is" double repair "and issued the Guidance on Strengthening the Ecological Restoration of Urban Repair. "City Shuangxiu" is "ecological restoration, urban repair" short.

"Ecological restoration, urban repair" refers to the concept of re-ecology, repair the destruction of the city is natural environment and topography, improve the quality of the ecological environment; with the idea of updating the weaving, dismantling illegal buildings, repair urban facilities, space environment, Style, enhance the city characteristics and vitality.

Ecological twin-shaft concrete mixer, is through the material screening, adding functional additives, using a special process to create a special structure and function, can reduce the environmental load, improve the ecological environment with the coordination, and can contribute to environmental protection of concrete. Therefore, to improve the urban ecological environment, the application of ecological concrete is essential.

At present, the domestic development of ecological concrete is mainly used for rivers, lakes, reservoirs and other dams and slope control on both sides of the road, in the future urban restoration work, the ecological concrete will shine, sponge city needed water Concrete pavement, urban greening and restoration of vegetation concrete, are ecological concrete.

Performance characteristics of ecological concrete:

1, high permeability permeable pervious flooring has 15% -25% of the pores, can make the penetration rate of 31-52 l / m / h, far higher than the most effective rainfall in the best drainage configuration of the discharge rate The

2, high bearing capacity by the national testing organs identified, permeable floor bearing capacity can fully meet the C20-C25 concrete bearing standard, higher than the general capacity of the permeable brick.

3, a good decorative effect permeable flooring has a color matching ratio program, with the designer unique creativity, to achieve different environments and personality requirements of the decorative style, which is difficult to achieve the general permeable brick.

4, easy maintenance People worry about the problem of pore blockage is not necessary, unique pervious pavement system so that it only through the high-pressure washing method can be easily solved.

5, anti-freeze-thaw permeable pavement than the general concrete pavement has a stronger anti-freeze-thaw capacity, will not be affected by freeze-thaw rupture, because its structure itself has a larger pore.

6, durability Watertight floor of the durable wear resistance is better than the asphalt, close to the ordinary floor, to avoid the existence of the general permeability of the tiles is short, uneconomical and other shortcomings.

7, the higher the density of the high heat dissipation material itself (15-25% of the gap) reduces the ability of thermal storage, the unique pore structure makes the lower underground temperature into the ground and thus reduce the temperature of the entire pavement.
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