Do you know the qualifications of preparation of concrete mixing plant?


In the concrete mixing station, the level of talent is very strict norms. Which will be reflected in the beginning of the preparation of concrete mixing plant. Therefore, the concrete mixing station on the norms of talent to understand, to facilitate the production process, the concrete mixing station to determine the talent to work.

Concrete mixing station professional business qualifications are divided into the second and third level. The following article is devoted to the second and third tier qualifications of the funded concrete mixing plant.

In the concrete mixing station for qualification certification, with an annual output of 100,000 cubic meters of product concrete should be applied to product quality standards. Concrete mixing station business manager should have more than 3 projects for more than 5 years of operating experience or with intermediate professional titles, skills leader in the production of concrete products experience, and the relevant professional intermediate professional titles, the financial staff should have Intermediate accounting title.

Company title of engineering skills and economic management of not less than 15 people, during which the engineering skills of not less than 10 people, with intermediate titles above the engineering skills, at least five people. The company registered capital of 200,000 yuan, net assets of more than 250,000 yuan. The company nearly three years of the highest annual income of 3,000 yuan or more of the project settlement. 255 cubic meters / hour or more of the mixed system, concrete truck not less than 10, less than two auxiliary pump delivery. In the concrete mixing plant in the concrete concrete laboratory equipment manufacturers.
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