Planetary Concrete Mixer Site Problem Solving


planetary concrete mixer Site Problem Solving
(1) the equipment itself in the equipment, protective equipment, there is doubt on the composition of the security of the operators threat.

(2) construction site electricity is not safe, there is leakage phenomenon, and then constitute the electric shock event.

(3) construction personnel in violation of operating procedures, illegal operations and constitute personal injury.

According to the more trouble, security engineers in the operation should start from the following:

(1) planetary concrete mixer should be flat in the equipment and by tamping, mechanical equipment to be stable and robust.

(2) all kinds of mixers, should be unidirectional rotation for mixing.

(3) before starting the operation, first check the electrical equipment insulation and grounding is not outstanding, the pulley maintenance equipment is not intact.

(4) should be initiated before the start of the trial operation, to be normal after the operation of the feed in the mixing; if halfway suddenly intermittent mixing, should be removed first; from the beginning, the hopper may not material, it is necessary to start.

(5) hopper should bring insurance hook, starting to stop when the need to hang a security hook.

(6) below the mixer hopper to stop the station, non-operating personnel shall not start the machine.

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