What is the difference between the different types of concrete mixing plant?


The concrete mixing plant is currently the most widely used concrete mixing plant, but there are still many types of concrete mixing stations. So what are the differences between these models of concrete mixing stations?

First of all, we have to look at, concrete mixing station which models? The most common mixing stations are commercial concrete mixing stations, engineering concrete mixing plants and simple concrete mixing stations. The main concrete mixing station is HZS60, HZS75, HZS90; HZS90, HZS90, HZS50, HZS50, HZS50, HZS240, HZS50, HZS50, HZS50, 2HZS180, 2HZS240; simple concrete mixing stations are HZS25, HZS35, HZS50 and so on.

Different types of concrete mixing stations are also different:

The same point: whether it is a large concrete mixing plant or a small model, the concrete mixing plant batching equipment are using PLD series of concrete batching machine, because this type of concrete batching machine is the most suitable for mandatory concrete mixer system, and The forced concrete mixer is an essential equipment for the mixing station.

Different points: 1. Configuration features are different. The small concrete mixing plant has two different configurations, one is the simple type of concrete mixing station with centralized control system configuration, the other is the use of automatic control system standard concrete mixing plant configuration; large-scale concrete Mixing station is the use of automatic control system of standard concrete mixing plant equipment.

2. Mix the host model and the number of different. Small, large concrete-mixing plant mixing host are generally used JS series of double horizontal shaft forced mixer (a little will use JDC series to enhance the concrete mixer), but JS is the mainstream. Size of the concrete mixing plant in the use of concrete mixing host when the main model is only different mixing.

Really understand the different types of concrete mixing plant partition and the difference, for the concrete mixing station users is very necessary.
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