The standard concrete mixing plant configuration includes which equipment


Concrete mixing plant is the cement, water, aggregate, admixture, admixture and other materials in accordance with the requirements of concrete ratio measurement, and then by mixing into a qualified concrete mechanical and electrical equipment. Changli HZS series of concrete mixing plant host using JS series of double horizontal shaft forced mixer, the use of the latest design ideas of electronic weighing, computer control, digital display and other control technology, to meet the various needs of the construction unit! So what are the basic configuration of the standard concrete mixing plant?

The basic configuration of the concrete mixing station are: mixing host, batching machine, weighing system, screw conveyor, cement warehouse, control system.

Mixing host and batching machine is an indispensable part of the concrete mixing plant, whether simple station or standard station must be equipped.

Weighing system generally there are three: water weighing, powder weighing, additives weighing, customers can according to their own needs to increase or decrease.

Cement warehouse is the storage of powder silos, can reduce transportation costs and improve production efficiency.

The screw conveyor is the medium that connects the cement tank and the weighing bucket, which sends the powder to the desired location.

Finally, the soft system --- control system, the control system to control the operation of the entire mixing station, Changli Construction Machinery production control system has manual, semi-automatic, automatic three kinds of operation to meet the needs of various customers!
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