Comparison of the latest application of foam concrete at home and abroad


Application of Foam Concrete in China

In recent years, China has paid more and more attention to building energy conservation work. With the implementation of policies related to building energy conservation, wall material reform has made remarkable achievements, energy-saving materials are very popular. Foam concrete with its good characteristics, has been used in energy-saving wall materials, in other areas have also been applied. At present, the application of foam concrete in China is as follows.

1, foam concrete block

The foam concrete block is the most widely used material for foam concrete in wall materials. In China is southern region, the general use of density grade 900-1200kg / m3 of the foam concrete block as the frame structure of the filling wall, mainly the use of the block insulation performance and light high strength characteristics. Harbin University of Architecture has developed polystyrene foam concrete blocks and used for urban building construction. This block is made of polystyrene foam as aggregate, cement and fly ash as binder material, adding a small amount of admixture, made by mixing, molding and natural curing, its specifications are 200 ¡Á 200 ¡Á 200mm, available Inside and outside non-load-bearing wall materials, can also be used for roof insulation materials.

2, foam concrete lightweight wall panels

At present, the main material for the building and sub-partition wall is grc light wall board, because of its high price of raw materials, affecting its application. China Academy of Building Materials Science and Technology adopted grc partition board production technology combined with solid foam and foam cement research results, developed a fly ash foam cement light wall production technology, and has been applied.

3, foam concrete compensation foundation

Modern architectural design and construction more and more attention to the building in the construction process of free settlement. Due to the different weight of the building group, there will be a free settlement in the construction process. During the design of the building, it is required to fill the soft material in the lower part of the building is weight. Foam concrete can better meet the requirements of compensation for foundation materials

New Development of Foam Concrete in Foreign Countries

In recent years, the United States, Britain, the Netherlands, Canada and other European and American countries and Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries, make full use of the characteristics of foam concrete, it will continue to expand the application of construction projects to speed up the progress of the project to improve the quality of the project , Is summarized as follows.

1, used as retaining wall

Mainly used as a port of the dyke. The use of foam concrete as a lightweight backfill material can reduce the vertical load and reduce the lateral load on the wall. This is because the foam concrete is a good adhesion of rigid body, it does not along the surrounding side of the wall to exert lateral pressure, settlement decreased, maintenance costs are reduced, thus saving a lot of expenses.

Foam concrete can also be used to enhance the stability of the embankment slope, which replaces the soil with some of the slope, reducing the quality of the slope and reducing the stability of the slope.

2, the construction of sports ground and athletics track

The use of strong drainage capacity of the infiltration of foam concrete as a light foundation, covered with gravel or artificial turf, as a sports field. The density of foam concrete is 800-900kg / m3. Such stadiums are available for hockey, soccer and tennis. Or in the foam concrete covered with a layer of 0.05m thick porous asphalt layer and plastic layer, can be used for track and field runway.

3, for the sandwich components

In the prefabricated reinforced concrete components can be used as foam core foam, it has a light high-strength insulation of the good performance. Typically, foam concrete with a density of 400-600 kg / m3 is used.

4, used as composite wall panels

The use of foam concrete to produce a variety of lightweight panels, in the frame structure for the insulation wall or wall made of composite wall panels, foam concrete density is usually about 600kg / m3.

5, pipeline backfill

Underground abandoned oil tanks, pipelines, sewers and other holes easily lead to fire or landslides, the use of foam concrete backfill can solve these troubles, the cost is also less. The density of the foamed concrete depends on the diameter of the pipe and the groundwater level, typically 600-1100 kg / m3.

6, lean concrete fill

Due to the use of flexible hoses, foam concrete has a great deal of work and adaptability, so it is often used for lean concrete fill. Such as the heat insulation requirements are not very high, the use of density of 1200kg / m3 or so of lean concrete layer, the average thickness of 0.05m If the insulation requirements are high, the use of density of 500kg / m3 of lean concrete layer, The average thickness is 0.1-0.2m.

7, roof slope

Foam concrete for roof slope, with light weight, construction speed, low price and so on. Slope is generally 10mm / m, the thickness of 0.03-0.2m, the density of 800-1200kg / m3 of foam concrete.

8, the support of the bottom of the tank

The foam concrete is cast at the bottom of the bottom of the steel tank and, if necessary, a convex foundation can be formed so as to ensure that the support of the entire bottom of the tank is at the optimum stress during welding. This continuous support allows the tank Using the bottom of the sheet. While the convex foundation is also easy to clean. The use of foam concrete density of 800-1000kg / m3.

9, other

Foam concrete can also be used for insulation filling of the firewall, sound insulation floor fill, tunnel liner backfill and power supply, water line isolation and so on.
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