The range of Large inclinationbelt conveyor applications and other transport equipment is different


Large inclinationbelt conveyor is a kind of belt conveyor, it is a very practical transport equipment, in many need to continuously transport the material of the important factories, such as steel mills and cement plant sand and other scattered material transport, Power plant coal fuel transport and port ship loading and unloading, etc. are used to belt conveyor.
Belt conveyor with low power consumption. As the material and conveyor belt almost no relative movement, not only to run the resistance is small, but also on the cargo wear and fragmentation are small, high productivity. Which are conducive to reducing production costs. Conveyor lines are flexible and flexible. Belt conveyor distance can be determined according to the length of the need. Short a few meters, up to 10km or more. Can be installed in a small tunnel, can also be erected in the ground traffic chaos and dangerous areas over. The belt conveyor can take the material in the roadway below the storage pile and, if necessary, mix the different materials. The material may simply be discharged from the head of the conveyor, or may be discharged at any point in the length of the conveyor belt by means of a plow unloader or a moving unloader.
In addition, the belt conveyor also has a large amount of transportation, high climbing ability, low operating costs, easy maintenance and other characteristics, easy to achieve the automation of transport control.
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