Reflections on the Bottom of commercial concrete mixing plant Industry


As the world is leading construction machinery in the field of the world is leading level of product categories, commercial concrete mixing plant has been in the construction of the overall low operating period is still strong, especially in the successful acquisition of the world is three major commercial concrete mixing plant, the Chinese enterprises have occupied the global concrete The commanding heights of machinery.

"commercial concrete mixing plant is one of the best businesses in the construction machinery industry, with high technological content and high profit margins." However, with the development of commercial concrete mixing plant, the biggest driving force in the real estate market is the downturn in the real estate market, In particular, the real estate construction area continued to decline, we suddenly found that once the best industry, now seems to see the direction of future development.

What are the factors that are affecting the sale of commercial concrete mixing plant? The future of commercial concrete mixing plant is still a better future? Urbanization and shantytowns transformation is really able to bring more business opportunities? Country ¢ô standard really just upgrade the product so Is it simple?

High inventory control machine sales

The first half of 2014, the commercial concrete mixing plant market situation and basically the same as in 2013, experienced a bleak winter, the current commercial concrete mixing plant industry in the clean-up inventory and rational competition stage. Concrete pump truck production and sales there is a clear downward trend, due to overcapacity caused by the high inventory is still a thorny problem of development, Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry, the output of concrete pump in 2014 than in 2013 has declined, While the overall development of concrete mixing plant is more stable.

According to the data show that from January to June 2014, the total output of commercial concrete mixing plant is about 185,000 units, of which Hunan production 28933 units, Shandong 15975 units, Henan 119351 Taiwan, Guangdong 9903 Taiwan, Jiangsu 3224 Taiwan, Beijing 3027 Taiwan. June 2014, Hunan year on year increase of 15.10%, Shandong year on year increase of 8.94%, Henan year on year increase of 2.89%, Beijing production fell 8.23% year on year.

China Construction Machinery Industry Association commercial concrete mixing plant Branch Honorary President Chen Runyu said that in terms of sales, the pump in the inventory pressure under the influence of sales fell more particularly, the mixing station decreased slightly smaller, while the mixer sales and basically the same as last year, and may exist A slight increase in the situation.

However, the cold chill, to Zoomlion, for example, the Group on July 14 after the close of the profit warning, is expected in the first half of 2014 net profit fell 60% to 70%, ranging from 871 million to 11.6 billion yuan between , Down more than expected 40%. In the first half of the year, sales of commercial concrete mixing plant (40% to 45% of total revenue) and sales of cranes (30% to 35% of total revenue) were the main reasons for poor performance. In the commercial concrete mixing plant, the pump is still the weakest product, so that Zoomlion gross margin damage, although there may be a certain degree of "moderate recovery", but seems to be on the prospects for the second half of the cautious view. In order to prevent risks and reduce the pressure on accounts receivable, Zoomlion continues to implement the tight sales policy, with an average down payment of about 25%, while taking the initiative to abandon part of the contract from weak credit customers, financial leasing overdue ratio decline.

As a result of the previous financial leasing low down payment or zero down payment caused by a substantial increase in consumption and receivables, the current commercial concrete mixing plant manufacturing enterprises to deal with the majority of stock repurchase products to improve the purchase of new users as a pre-payment strategy as a business strategy to make tense Capital chain to ease, the market is vicious competition tends to convergence, reason.

The biggest external cause - the turbulent real estate market

What is the trend in the surrounding commercial concrete mixing plant market? Chen Runyu that the real estate market turmoil is the biggest influencing factors, and even on the commercial concrete mixing plant market plays a decisive role. "Road and bridge construction has not been reduced, but the proportion of less than one-third, regardless of the amount or size of equipment, and real estate on the demand for concrete equipment are negligible, can not compete with it so long as the real estate downturn, concrete The European market is similar, but their real estate industry itself is limited, hundreds of years of change is very small, and China is situation is different, "Chen Runyu said.

Since the fourth quarter of 2013, the credit policy continued to tighten, and the bank on the real estate industry risk management has increased the difficulty of the developer financing, real estate development investment by a certain degree of inhibition. January to June 2014, real estate development investment growth accelerated decline.

For commercial concrete mixing plant manufacturers, the specific real estate industry to what factors directly affect the product sales, it is undoubtedly the new real estate area. No matter what type of real estate, as long as the new construction area is increasing, the total growth in the market for the new machine will have a demand. However, the first 5 months of 2014, high inventory, the market downturn developers willing to start the market is still insufficient, housing prices started little, developers on the future market more cautious. Construction area growth rate in the downstream channel, the new construction area growth rate than the first 5 months has narrowed, but still in 2007 since the lowest value. January to June 2014, housing new construction area of 80,1257,400 square meters, down 16.4%, a decrease of 1.5 percentage points from January to May 2014, compared with a year earlier growth of 3.8%.

National Bureau of Statistics released data show: January-May 2014, the country completed real estate development investment 42018.62 billion yuan, an increase of 14.1%, an increase of 6.2 percentage points year on year decline, down from January to May 2014 0.6 percentage points for the financial The lowest since the crisis. The national real estate development boom index continued to decline, real estate development investment growth accelerated decline, the source of funds growth rate in 2007 since the lowest value of the national real estate sales continued volume and price trend.

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