Analysis on the main causes of loss of planetary concrete mixer


Due to the serious excess capacity of commercial commodity concrete industry, weak market, vicious competition, commodity business situation of concrete business is worrying, the author through a number of regional business enterprises to understand the visit, there are some regional capacity to play less than 20 %, Most companies in the first half of a loss, and even some business difficult. Therefore, the author of the research on the loss of the existence of the problems summarized, and comprehensive analysis, the main reason for the loss, for commodity commodity concrete business operators and colleagues reference.

1 sale price is low

(1) excessive profit

Many business contracts signed by the sales price is based on the local engineering information cost center to provide information for the settlement basis. However, due to the vicious competition in the market, many enterprises in order to win the business volume, have Rangli sales, in the information on the basis of the price of 12% to 25%. Such as a region of commercial goods, the actual price of concrete C30 sales in 275 yuan / cubic, while the local C30 material cost price of 230 to 240 yuan per cubic meter, plus financial costs, taxes, transportation, depreciation, wages, etc. On the loss of sales, and the more the loss of sales.

(2) sales model

Also found in the survey, many companies signed a sales contract for a fixed price sales, that is, a way of price, the contract price of materials is relatively low, if the current material prices can not fulfill the contract. The contract for one of the enterprises is so constrained: the pumping of goods to the commercial C25 is delivered to the site for delivery of 255 yuan per cubic meter, C30 delivered to the site to deliver $ 265 per cubic meter, no matter how the market raw material ups and downs, the price remains unchanged At your own risk. In fact, such sales prices according to the current Jiangsu and Zhejiang area to count, production and sales of a cubic commodity commodity concrete is not depreciation, loss of 20 to 30 yuan. Later, the business operators and many times to communicate with each other to adjust the price is invalid, desperation to take the means to stop, was the other prosecution, the court accepted, the judge commodity commodity concrete enterprises breach of contract, continue to perform the contract, while compensation for the loss caused by the other The

2 financial costs are too high

As a result of commodity industry, the specificity of concrete enterprises in the process of credit in the proportion of large, the project cycle is relatively long, resulting in large receivables. And raw materials procurement must pay, taxes, wages, utilities can not be arrears, so most of the commodity commodity concrete enterprises are through financing to solve. More on the billion, less is tens of millions of dollars. In the survey found that there are commodity commodity concrete enterprises in the annual output of 700,000 cubic meters in the bank financing 150 million, are based on the benchmark interest rate on the basis of floating 20 to 30% range, in addition to private financing more than 6000 million monthly interest rate Ranging from 3 to 9 points, can be imagined, its operating pressure. Nearly more than three billion of receivables can not be timely payment by contract. In the highly competitive market, commodity commodity concrete enterprises have been profitable to survive, the old profiteering period has become history, such a high financial costs, so that enterprises overwhelmed, difficult business.

3 business costs into large

As a result of commodity commodity concrete industry, a serious excess capacity, the market "monks and more porridge", between enterprises and enterprises in order to seize the market, for the construction business, Eight Immortals, the supernatural powers, so that a project can receive N companies bidding, disguised a variety of requirements, So that commodity commodity concrete enterprises in the contract signed early into the human and financial resources, the construction side to seize the commodity commodity concrete enterprises this mentality, lower prices, poor payment conditions, forced commodity commodity concrete enterprises to give in. A commodity commodity concrete business operators told the author that they have encountered such a phenomenon: a large state-owned enterprises to bid for a project, commodity commodity concrete consumption of about 80,000 cubic meters, the project manager of the project staff of the eight commodity commodity concrete enterprises , Respectively, to accept the eight commodity commodity concrete business dinner and gift, the final project manager to return the benefits of each party to return 20 yuan requirements, forcing enterprises to give up cooperation, and finally by the other two small businesses to do this project, but because of this Project, other bidding enterprises to spend more than 60,000 yuan business costs drift. Sales staff business costs from the previous 2 yuan per cubic meter to the current market, ranging from 5 to 10 yuan, there is no relevant business costs, the clerk will be transferred to other businesses outside the business. In addition, many projects are mainly in charge of leading intervention, internal resignation, to fight for the project, to disguise to the business fee.

4 raw material prices rose too fast

With the increasingly scarce resources, raw material prices rose too fast, cement prices are rising faster. On the one hand, according to national policy will eliminate backward production capacity, shut down the shaft kiln and small cement plant, making the cement prices rise faster. Yellow sand because of the shortage of natural resources in Shanghai Huangpu River from 20 yuan per ton rose to more than 60 yuan per ton, and the quality is not good before. In order to reduce costs, many companies use debris instead of yellow sand, because the use of debris can enjoy the comprehensive utilization of resources tax policy, the price of debris from a few dollars per ton up to now 50 to 60 yuan per ton, Turning waste into treasure". Gravel due to resource reasons, the authorities shut down a lot of stone, one is to prevent the mining, safety accidents frequently; the other is to restore the green mountains and rivers, consider environmental protection, the total reduction, price increases, in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area stone price of 60 ~ 70 yuan per ton. Ore powder prices rose from 100 yuan per ton to nearly 300 yuan per ton, several large steel slag by the agent monopoly, prices continue to rise. Fly ash market is also very prosperous, two gray from 50,60 yuan per ton to now nearly 200 yuan per ton. I control the price of engineering information in some cities, the past five years, commodity commodity concrete prices are not much fluctuations, and raw material prices change relatively large. Another important reason is that the proportion of suppliers of the ratio of the difference between the raw material determines the price. In the same area, the same supplier, raw material prices ranging from 5 to 20 yuan range. We are clear that it is different from the settlement of the supplier, the cash price, the acceptance price, the price of 4 knots (ie, 4 months). In the investigation of the company is yellow sand, stone price per ton higher than other enterprises around 15 yuan, because the proportion of large-scale, so that the cost of production directly higher. In the same area, there is no competitive advantage.

5 equipment maintenance costs are too high

Production equipment maintenance costs are not difficult to find through the comparison problem, each business self feel good. We compared the repair costs of commodity enterprises in many regions for more than a month. As a result, we found that the equipment repair costs per cubic meter (including the mixing plant, cement mixing truck, boom boom, forklift) There are 3.5 to 34.8 yuan range, can be imagined, more than 30 yuan per cubic repairs must be in the management of the loopholes in the management, and later the business operators only to find their own losses on the business has not been to get to the bottom, not held every month Team meeting, analysis of business, did not find the problem, the right medicine.

6 internal management reasons

Do business, we only do a good job of internal management, straighten out the duties, the implementation of fine management, blocking management loopholes in order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

(1) the cost is too large. There are many companies lack of effective monitoring of costs, especially state-owned enterprises, the main leaders do not grasp the management, only enjoy pleasure. A vice president of business in a month in the same hotel consumption of 150,000 yuan.

(2) the main raw material quantity of sand and concrete out of control. A corporate material manager a year of raw materials loss of more than 20,000 tons of gravel.

(3) the driver sold the oil seriously. Today there are many hawkers on the edge of the road to buy diesel and petrol. Cement mixing truck driver selling oil has become the industry is heart disease. Zhejiang, a business driver in the evening to sell oil on the spot was patrolling the police seized, pulled out more than colleagues in the enterprise selling oil, and some people in a month to sell oil up to 23 times.

(4) safety accident. Business enterprises are traffic safety accidents high-risk enterprises, Zhejiang, a business mixed business in two weeks two traffic accidents, resulting in two deaths, one seriously injured. Production safety can not be ignored, not long ago, a commodity commodity concrete machine mechanic in the mixing machine to clean up the machine, the operator forget that someone at work, directly start the mixer, a living 40-year-old machine workers twisted dead.

(5) quality accident. Due to the lack of awareness of the quality of the operator, the quality of raw materials lax control, resulting in quality problems continue. An enterprise in the supply of goods commodity concrete, the design strength of C35, 28d after the strength of only C25, the original commodity commodity concrete enterprises in the tight supply of raw materials, the use of special sand mixed goods commodity concrete. The final design and communication with the owners to take reinforcement processing, reinforcement fees, loss of working time paid a total of more than 300 million.

(6) the risk of receivables. Commodity commodity concrete enterprises downstream customers are construction units, construction units are mostly mobile operations, there are many project managers linked, plus construction companies do not have entities, so to standardize the contract procedures, to prevent death occurred. A commodity commodity concrete company and a province of construction companies litigation, not only the implementation of difficulties, and dragged on for nearly three years, the results of the construction company bankruptcy, simply can not recover, the remaining more than 200 million receivables blew.

7 Summary analysis

Commodity commodity concrete industry is facing such a dilemma, the future development prospects are worrying, serious overcapacity is the main bottleneck restricting the development of the industry. How to promote the healthy development of the industry, I believe that:

(1) the competent authorities should strengthen the correct guidance, rational planning layout, put an end to blindly set up stations, crack down on unlicensed black stations.

(2) according to the requirements of energy-saving emission reduction, improve the acceptance criteria for commercial commodity concrete stations, commodity commodity concrete for technical acceptance, non-compliance of the enterprise to stop supply, to meet green requirements. For small-scale, the strength of the enterprise to do the transformation of the upgrade or guide the merger.

(3) to strengthen the market self-discipline work, the establishment of self-discipline working group to promote orderly competition, so that commodity commodity prices rational return, which can guarantee the quality and improve the level of new technology research and development. So as to allow enterprises to normal, healthy operation. Do not rely on market self-regulation price return, after all, the reduction is limited.

(4) to strengthen the enterprise within the fine management, clear responsibilities, standardize the operation process, increase the quality, production safety, receivables control efforts to enable enterprises to develop benign, mutual supervision of various departments to improve the management level and reduce production cost.

(5) business positioning clear, do not blind operation. Many operators lack the effective assessment of their own business capabilities, leading to regardless of the site distance, no matter how much, regardless of the payment conditions more harsh, all eat, and finally produce can not keep up, the shortage of funds, so high in the community financing, further Increased financial costs. Therefore, enterprises should be pragmatic management, steady development.

8 Summary

Market competition is cruel, we should adjust the mentality, constantly sum up experience, optimize business ideas. There are many regional commodity commodity concrete industry is full of vitality, it is worth learning and learn from. In Jiaxing, Zhejiang, and some commodity commodity concrete enterprises in the fierce market competition in the operation of the vibrant, unique in the industry. Ideas determine the way out, self-power and the line, only the constant innovation and groping, timely adjustment of business ideas, enterprises can develop healthily.
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