Operation of the large inclination belt conveyor


The operation of the large inclination belt conveyor should be fine:

First, the conveyor before use to check the operation of the part of the tape buckle and bearing device is normal, protective equipment is complete. The tightening of the tape shall be reconciled to the appropriate level before commencement.

Second, the large inclination belt conveyor should be no load start. And so the normal operation before the feed. It is forbidden to drive first.

Third, the fixed conveyor should be placed in accordance with the provisions of the placement of a fixed foundation. Before moving the conveyor, the wheels should be wedged or tripped with a brake. So as to avoid moving in the work, there are multiple conveyor parallel operation, between machines and machines, between the machine and the wall should be one meter channel.

Fourth, the conveyor belt forbidden pedestrians or passengers, belt slip is strictly prohibited by hand to pull the belt, so as to avoid the event.

Fifth, the parking must be stopped before the feed, and so on the belt to unload the material before unloading to stop.

6, the working environment and the material sent to the temperature shall not be higher than 50 ¡æ and less than - 10 ¡æ. Do not transport materials with acid-base oils and organic solvents.

Seven, the conveyor motor must be well insulated. Do not move the cable and pull it. Electric secrets and reliable grounding.

Nine, there are several conveyor series running, should start from the discharge side, the order of starting. After all the normal operation, before the material.

8, running the tape appears bias when the deviation should be parking mediation, not barely use, so as not to wear edge and increase the load.
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