The Application of belt conveyor and conveying system in Production Enterprise


Different food production enterprises in order to meet market demand, "save production time, improve production efficiency and shorten the production and transportation time" has become the food production business objectives, to this end, Dongyuan conveyor manufacturers independent research and development of chain conveyor The use of a very flexible transport operation, not only to facilitate the delivery of various food, and other food conveyor equipment and accessories can be combined to run, and quickly improve the food production efficiency and transport time.
Note that from the figure can be seen in the structure of the food chain conveyor design, with a porous sheet of the chain can be directly washed with water or soaked in water, the conveyor equipment is a very flexible mode of transport, not only Can take full advantage of space, but also a separate design and use, but also with other transport facilities supporting the operation.
Dongyuan conveyor product design smooth and smooth, small friction, the material in the food conveyor between the smooth transition, I recommend this section of the food conveyor for a variety of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other items can also be transported All kinds of luggage, boxes and other automatic transmission, distribution, and after the packaging of the continuous transmission pipeline.
Food chain conveyor can be divided into two types: heavy chain conveyor and light chain conveyor. During the application, both ends of the conveyor can be used to protect the fence or protective bracket, so that the conveyor material during transport material can be maintained steady state, to ensure that the delivery of food is not easy to deviate.
Dongyuan recommended this section of the food chain plate conveyor both to meet the enterprise is automatic delivery, graded packaging, but also with wear resistance, corrosion, smooth operation, high operating efficiency and long life, simple operation, easy maintenance and so on. Therefore, the product has been widely used in the food industry, canned drinks and other industries in the field.
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