Operation and maintenance of large inclination belt conveyor


Large inclination belt conveyor, also known as tape conveyor, it is a conveyor belt according to the principle of friction and movement to transport materials, a mechanical equipment. It can be used for horizontal transport or tilt transport, the use of very convenient, widely used in a variety of modern industrial enterprises. Then the large inclination belt conveyor knowledge to understand a moment, now how to say how to operate the maintenance:
General large inclination belt conveyor by the belt, roller, roller and drive devices, brakes, tensioning device, loading, unloading, cleaning devices and other devices.
First, the operation of the large inclination belt conveyor:
  1, before starting: check the conveyor there is no impact on the conveyor belt obstacles. If you have to remove the obstacles; to observe the power supply is normal, and the power of the measurement and deployment to ensure that the device needs the normal voltage.
After the above normal operation, if the inspection equipment is normal, it can start running
  2, switch machine order Note:
    1) Power on sequence: Close the power switch in the control box (power indicator light) ¡ú start the start button ¡ú turn the speed control switch to "ON" position ¡ú slowly rotate the speed control knob to the desired speed range The Make it run at a uniform speed; do not exceed 1500 rpm.
    2) Shutdown sequence: The knob in the speed ratio control is slowly rotated back to the position of "0" ¡ú After the plane conveyor is stopped, turn the speed ratio switch to "OFF" position ¡ú turn off the start switch and the power main switch.
Second, large inclination belt conveyor maintenance
1. Regularly check the transmission motor and reducer is abnormal;
2. Regularly check the belt is loose, elongated, after the timely adjustment
3. Regularly check the large inclination belt conveyor roller rotation is flexible, after the timely repair;
4. Regularly check the drive sprocket and the chain of fit, timely adjustment, and to add lubricating oil chain;
5. Regularly use the air gun to blow the dust inside the control box to prevent failure;
6. reducer for the first time after the use of 100 hours to replace the cleaning of internal gear oil, put on new oil, once every 2500 hours to replace;
7. Make a major maintenance every year to check the damage to the parts.

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