How to prevent large inclination belt conveyor belt slipping


We all know that any device has its useful life, we love to use it, you can use more long-term. What time do you want to spend more time? We need to master the correct method of operation and daily maintenance knowledge.
The same large inclination belt conveyor is no exception, it belongs to a kind of automation equipment, in the chemical industry, electronics, food, medicine and other industries widely used. The use of large inclination belt conveyor for some time, there will be conveyor belt slip situation, how should we advance prevention? Xiaobian below to tell you:
1, first of all, to prevent the conveyor belt slip, we should strengthen the conveyor maintenance management work for the conveyor to do a good job cleaning work, to avoid impurities falling into the drum and conveyor belt, such as conveyor belt failure to be timely downtime.
2, large inclination belt conveyor installed on the slip protection device, when the conveyor belt tension does not meet the requirements of the work, to take the necessary measures in time, is strictly prohibited in the process of running directly by hand to adjust. Such as the conveyor belt running when the deviation occurs, should be timely downtime adjustment.
3, in order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment, should be carried out within the scope of the transport of goods to avoid the start due to heavy load belt slip failure.
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