The cause of large inclination belt conveyor belt deviation


Cause large inclination belt conveyor belt deviation reasons:
large inclination belt conveyor is a friction-driven way to transport materials, machinery and equipment. The main structure of the rack, conveyor belt, roller, roller, tension device, transmission and other components. In the process of conveying the material in the belt, it is inevitable that there will be a deviation phenomenon, what causes this phenomenon to happen? Xiaobian below for everyone to analyze:
    1, there may be installed when the belt deviation: large inclination belt conveyor belt quality of the best impact of the installation, the error caused by the installation of the most difficult to deal with the belt deviation. So the installation must pay attention to eliminate the installation error, to the normal operation of the equipment shall prevail.
    2, the operation caused by the belt deviation: roller, roller stickers caused by deviation; belt relaxation caused by the deviation; uneven distribution of ore material caused by deviation; running vibration caused by deviation. For the reasons for the operation of the deviation we should deal with this: adjust the roller group; install the automatic aligning roller group; the use of new roller group to prevent deviation; adjust the drive roller and reorient roller position; tension adjustment; Bidirectional run large inclination belt conveyor deviation adjustment.
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