The function of the belt catch with the large inclination belt conveyor


When the belt is working normally, the one-way roller in the middle rotates with the belt, and the left and right wedge blocks are under the belt and are not in contact with the belt. The upper brake block Adjust to both sides of the belt and parallel to the belt. When the belt is broken, the trigger moves the upper brake to the top of the belt and drives the wedge to continue along the wedge. The lower belt is held between the upper and the wedge, Thus preventing the falling of the tape. The product points up and down the tape with a catcher, its role are:
1, brake belt, the belt of the sliding force as a driving force, so that the wedge block block self-locking, will slide down the belt brake, no external power.
        2, the brake, the belt was clamped between the upper gate and wedge gate, the block and the belt for the surface contact, brake area, small damage to the skin.
3, according to the carrying capacity, adjust the upper block adjustment bolts, set the gate block into the depth of the belt.
4, the use of the overall installation of the bracket, the strength of the bracket than the greatly increased, easy to install.
5, the normal operation, the gates and wedge gate and the belt does not touch, and the upper brake on both sides of the belt to avoid obstruction of coal transport.
Product use:
1, rigid frame and hanging conveyor
2, the bandwidth of 500 ~ 2000mm large inclination belt conveyor
3, slot roller roller angle: for a variety of slot angle
4, the large inclination belt conveyor inclination: a ¡Ý 6 ¡ã.

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