How to do advanced environmental protection for commercial concrete mixing plant


With the foggy weather and other bad weather, we have more and more requirements for environmental protection of construction projects. Commercial concrete mixing plant in response to the national call to actively introduce environmental technology and ideas, designed and manufactured for domestic users to use the whole closed environment-friendly concrete mixing plant, the green concrete mixing plant to achieve a reduction of dust pollution, reduce noise emissions can be produced throughout the year.
  First, the whole closed environment-friendly Commercial concrete mixing plant through the use of feed, the discharge port to install electrostatic adsorption equipment dust, Commercial concrete mixing plant using the use of centrifugal cyclone dust removal equipment will be rotating solid dust separated from the gas, and then through the plant trees Of the natural absorption, so that site dust emission standards to 60 milligrams per cubic meter below.
  Second, but also through the gravel separator equipment for waste recycling, in the use of waste to achieve zero emissions.
  Third, the fully enclosed environment-friendly mixing station of the concrete mixing time, should be able to stir different labels, Commercial concrete mixing plant of different slump of concrete at any time to adjust, and by the mixing time of the timer control, and Commercial concrete mixing plant procedures are still The rhythm of the match.
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