Commercial concrete mixing plant safety technology and environmental management requirements


First, the safety technology construction measures
1, commercial concrete mixing plant site equipment, accessories, materials placed neatly and orderly.
2, the construction staff must follow the command of command, operation in strict accordance with the rules, norms carefully construction, so that zero violations, zero violations, zero discipline.
3, in case of wind, rain, snow, fog and other bad weather, the operator can not see the command signal, shall not be lifting operations. When the wind reaches six or more, shall not carry out lifting operations. As long as possible to shorten the large (mixing system, powder storage, etc.) in the air to stay time, command personnel and operators in the large parts are not placed in a safe position and welding is firm, not decoupling construction personnel are not allowed to leave the job.
4, the lifting of the work area of unrelated persons shall not stay or through; large parts lifting, moving the process, the staff should be on the side of the lifting parts, is strictly prohibited in the hanging pieces to stay or pass.
5, in the height of the installation operation, the operating staff must be a good seat belt.
6, scaffolding erect solid, standardized, beautiful.
7, adhere to the civilized construction, so that the work done to complete the site clear.
Second, environmental protection measures
1, the construction, the main environmental control factors for waste pollution and oil pollution, this should be set up waste recycling and waste oil recycling box.
2, when filling lubricants, avoid contaminated equipment and soil, and take the necessary protective measures
3, the construction process of the formation of the welding head, welding slag, scrap wire, waste bolts and other timely recovery.
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