Commonly used commercial concrete mixing plant type


Commonly used commercial concrete mixing plant according to its mixing principle is divided into self-falling concrete mixing plant and forced concrete mixing plant two categories.
1, since the fall of concrete mixer
The stirring cylinder is placed in the principle of vertical mixing. With the rotation of the stirring cylinder, the concrete mix is free-fall in the barrel to stir and stir, so as to achieve the purpose of stirring. Self-falling concrete mixers are used to stir plastic concrete and low-flow concrete. Cylinder and blade wear less, easy to clean, but the power consumption is large, low efficiency. Self-falling mixer mixing time is generally 90-120S / disk. This type of mixer has a greater wear on the concrete aggregate, affecting the quality of concrete.
2, forced concrete mixer
The stirring cylinder has a number of groups of leaves, stirring when the blade around the vertical axis or horizontal axis rotation, the material forced stirring until the mixing evenly. The concrete stirrer is very suitable for agitating dry hard concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete. It can also mix low flow concrete with the advantages of good mixing speed, quick stirring speed, easy operation and safety. But the machine wear serious.Generally need high-strength alloy steel or other wear-resistant materials to do lining, and more for centralized mixing plant or prefabricated plant.
A concrete mixer is a machine that mixes cement, aggregate, and water into a concrete mix. Mainly by the mixing tank, feeding and unloading institutions, water supply system, the original machine, transmission, rack and support devices and other components.
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