Standardization of Raw Material Feed Management in Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant


In the commercial concrete mixing plant, the raw material is the basic part of the mixing station. The standardization of the feedstock is related to the cost loss of the entire commercial concrete mixing plant, and the standardized management helps to reduce the production cost of the mixing plant. Here, the commercial concrete mixing plant manufacturer Lianhua to talk about how to standardize the management of raw materials feed

First of all, to establish a clear norms and regulations, to determine a good person in charge. Mixing station all the sand and gravel material, cement, fly ash, slag powder and other out of the library pounds, must be the stationmaster, the caretaker and the staff can be released.

Second, the strict measurement system, any access to the mixing station of sand and gravel material, cement, admixtures and other materials are required by the electronic pounds said pounds, and print the computer weighing a single. Weighbridge room materials, sub-categories, sub-specifications do the number of accounts. Material receipts in the field must be measured by the material manager, overdue and drivers signed together, not to fill the sign, the end of the month to pay the project department as the basis for issuing the purchase price list, the mixing station laboratory monthly or not Regular checks on the pound.

In addition, for the supply of material from the material room, when the approach from the loadometer weighs the party, and check the car with a single, when the number of cars issued more than the number of pounds when the number of pounds to prevail, when the car When the quantity of the goods is less than the number of pounds, the quantity of the goods is subject to the quantity of the vehicle. If both parties are contentious, the weight of the third party scales shall prevail.
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