Commercial concrete mixing station how to deal effectively its run-in period


Commercial concrete mixing plant at the beginning of the time, due to the characteristics of the new machine, the parts of the running may not be very smooth, which requires users to understand some of their common run-in failure, so that the hearts of a clear, so that the various parts close contact force Uniform and effective guarantee of better operation of machinery and equipment! Here, the concrete mixing plant manufacturers Lianhua company to talk about how to effectively deal with its run-in period?

First of all, first to understand the next concrete mixing plant running time common failure which:

1, wear fast

As the new machine parts processing, assembly and adjustment and other factors, the friction surface rough, with the surface contact area is small, the surface pressure state is not uniform. Machine in the course of the operation, the parts of the surface of the concave and convex parts of the friction with each other, grinding down the metal debris, but also as abrasive, continue to participate in friction, more speed parts with the surface wear. Therefore, during the run-in period easily caused by parts (especially with the surface) of the wear and tear, fast wear speed. At this time, if the overload operation, it may lead to damage to parts, the occurrence of early failure.

2, poor lubrication

It is difficult to ensure the uniformity of the gap due to the assembly gap and other reasons, and the lubricating oil (grease) is not easy to form a uniform oil film on the friction surface to prevent wear. Thereby reducing the lubrication performance, resulting in early wear and tear of the machine. Serious will cause precision with the friction surface scratches or occlusal phenomenon, leading to the occurrence of failure.

3, resulting in loose

In the early stages of application, due to the impact of vibration, vibration and other alternating load, as well as the impact of heat, deformation and other factors, coupled with wear and tear too fast and other reasons, easy to make the use of new parts, there is a geometric shape and fit with the size of the deviation The parts that had been fastened were loose.

4, the phenomenon of leakage

Due to loose parts, vibration and machine heat, the machines sealing surface and pipe joints, etc., will show leakage; part of the casting, processing and other shortcomings, difficult to invent in the assembly debugging, but due to the process of vibration , The impact of this shortcoming was exposed, expressed as leakage (infiltration) oil (water). Therefore, the run-in period prone to leakage phenomenon.

5, operating errors and more

Due to the structure of the machine, the performance is not enough (especially the new operator), easy to cause malfunction due to operational errors, and even cause mechanical accidents.

Understand the commercial concrete mixing plant running-in period after the common failure, you need to consciously respond to these users, pay attention to these vulnerabilities:

1, concrete mixing plant operators should receive the manufacturers training, leadership, the structure of the machine, the performance has sufficient knowledge, and get a certain operation and maintenance experience before the operation of the machine. It is necessary for the operator to operate the equipment. Before operating the machine, it is necessary to first use the protection manual, and operate and maintain according to the request of the manual.

2, pay attention to the commercial concrete mixing plant running-in period of work load, commercial concrete mixing plant during the run-in load is generally not more than 80% of the rated workload, and to deploy the appropriate workload to prevent long-term continuous operation of the machine caused by overheating The production.

3, pay attention to often look at the instrument value, showing abnormal, should be stopped in time to eliminate, not found in the cause, failure is not eliminated before the end of the operation.

4, pay attention to regular inspection of lubricants, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid and fuel oil (water) bit and quality, and pay attention to review the sealing of the machine. Check the invention of oil and water lack of too much, should analyze the reasons. At the same time, should strengthen the lubrication of the lubrication point, it is recommended that during the run-in period, each class should be on the lubrication point of grease (except for special requirements).

5, adhere to the machine clean, timely swap, tighten the loose parts, to prevent the loose parts and components due to wear or damage caused by loss.

6, run-in period to stop, the machine should be fully maintained, do a good job review and swap work, pay attention to the replacement of oil.
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