How commercial concrete mixing plant to achieve effective environmental protection


With the deepening of reform and opening up, the scale of urban construction has been expanding, the amount of concrete is increasing, the quality requirements are getting higher and higher. The small production mode of scattered concrete is not enough to meet the needs of large-scale construction of the city. Therefore, Concrete has become a historical necessity. However, in the concrete mixing plant production process, a series of pollution also followed, which advocated by the national green mixing station opposite. Therefore, the commercial concrete mixing plant to strengthen the environmental protection. 

Strengthen the environmental protection of concrete mixing plant, need to start from its raw materials and equipment:

Equipment, the commercial concrete mixing plant to use the whole closed management, equipment peripherals to add an external seal, stones and sand before use has been rinse with water. Ingredients and mixing process all in the steel silo and sealed mixer, the production process will not cause dust pollution, maximize the reduction of dust emissions. Second, the waste water and waste residue to be centralized treatment.

In the raw materials, the use of cement used in all the use of bulk cement, from the bulk cement truck into the station through the closed pipe into the bulk cement tank. Gravel stacking point to have a greenhouse closed.
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