Many aspects of the large inclination belt conveyor roller should be damaged


The roller is an important part of the large inclination belt conveyor. Its weight about the weight of the conveyor machine 1/3. According to the survey know, the roller life is generally 4000 ~ 6000h. In the course of operation, each use is accompanied by the consumption of the roller, and the damage percentage is extremely high. Therefore, to improve the quality of roller manufacturing large inclination belt conveyor to reduce the energy consumption, transmission efficiency is essential. The main reason for the damage of the roller and the countermeasures:
(1) bearing quality
The service life of the idler depends primarily on the performance of the bearing and the seal. If the roller is used with good bearing and sealing performance, the service life of the roller will be greatly extended. The test results show that the friction resistance of the bearing is about 1/4 to 1/8 of the rotational resistance of the idler. The current roller bearing models used 6204KA, 6205KA, 6305KA, 6306KA and other rolling bearings.
The bearing quality determines the idler run life. At present, a considerable number of manufacturers choose low-cost, low-quality bearing assembly roller, its internal and external diameter accuracy, hardness and clearance are not meet the technical standards. Therefore, we must purchase the domestic authentic bearing manufacturer.
(2) bearing cup quality
Bearing cup hole machining accuracy is poor, leading to bearing in the bearing cup within the circumferential movement, is one of the reasons for damage to the roller.
Stamping bearing cup, Xu 3 sets of stamping die to complete the finished product production. Stamping die quality determines the quality of the bearing cup, it also determines the bearing life, and ultimately associated with the roller life. Therefore, the roller manufacturer, should follow the assessment and do management review to ensure that the list of qualified procurement control list, the purchase of the bearing cup in strict accordance with the inspection procedures for inspection.
(3) bearing cup and roller body welding
Bearing cup and pipe body welding quality is poor, causing axial disengagement or dust and water immersed in the roller bearing lead to damage to the roller. Therefore, the bearing cup and the body of the welding must be included in the roller production and processing process flow chart in the special process and key processes, specifically the development of the operation instructions, should choose argon or CO2 gas shielded welding. The operating instructions for the welding voltage, welding current, air flow, wire feed speed, tube selection line speed and other parameters to make a clear given. The welding equipment, wire materials and welding operators should be verified and calibrated. In summary, bearing cup and pipe welding should be as a special point of operation to control the preparation of special operations instructions.
(4) the choice of grease
Grease improper selection, it will cause damage to the bearing, which led to damage to the roller. MT821-2006 coal industry standards in the clear requirements of the choice of 3 # lithium grease, the manufacturers must comply with the implementation. Otherwise, the roller will run after a few hours.
It is emphasized here: for -25¡æ under the operating environment of the roller bearings, must choose a special type of low temperature of aviation grease.
(5) roller assembly
The roller assembly is not only necessary to produce a special process equipment, but also must be done on the roller press machine. Only in this way can the bearing, seal assembly and retaining ring of the axial provisions of the assembly pressure. But also require the construction workers must pass the technical training examination qualified assembly fitter to operate. In short, the roller assembly should be used as a key process point to control the preparation of key operations instructions.
Roller is the main large inclination belt conveyor belt vulnerable parts, large amount of wide, its quality directly affect the normal operation of the conveyor. Therefore, to improve the quality of roller to reduce energy consumption, cost savings, increase operational reliability has a great relevance. With the conveyor to the long distance, large volume, high speed direction, for the roller in the sealing structure, processing quality, bearings, bearing cups, sealing components, grease, etc. have put forward higher German requirements, only Strict control of the process, the quality of components and grease selection of the whole process of scientific management in order to fundamentally improve the quality of the roller, and thus extend the maintenance cycle of the conveyor to ensure that the large inclination belt conveyor in high production and efficient mine play its due role.
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