Summer planetary concrete mixer in addition to the smell of small common sense


Summer, planetary concrete mixer inside the smell how to deal with it? Here I tell you a few little common sense clever in addition to smell:
Formaldehyde for the volatile cycle is very long characteristics, we have to conduct a long "tug of war." So we have to choose long-term fight against formaldehyde!
  1, window ventilation is the most practical and most convenient and most effective way, so usually as much as possible window ventilation to help the volatile substances volatile, if you want to open the air conditioning, but also the use of external circulation, mainly to make the outside fresh air can quickly enter , In most cases, the air outside the car than the air more fresh.
  2, the use of activated carbon can absorb the car inside the formaldehyde and other smell, but also with these smell "long-term combat", the effect is good. There are a lot of stores are now ready to pack a car in addition to taste activated carbon sales, such as "happy forest activated carbon", the price is not expensive.
  3, you can buy the car air purifier to clean the air in the PM2.5, toxic and harmful gases (formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc.), odor, bacteria and viruses such as vehicle pollution, such as fast forest car air purifier The capture rate of up to 80% of the nano-plant fiber, the use of its high density and permeability of the physical properties, filter suspended in the air of dust particles. In addition to the smell effect is obvious.
Finally, it should be noted that, after entering the exposure of the car, please do not rush to open the air conditioning, this will let you inhale more formaldehyde, long-term inhalation will affect the health, should first drop all the windows or open the door, and then open large The fan to accelerate the air circulation, three or four minutes after the window to open the air conditioning, which is more conducive to good health.
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