How to control the amount of cement used in commercial concrete mixing plant


Cement as a commercial concrete mixing plant in one of the most important raw materials of concrete, how to make it and other raw materials, the most scientific ratio is also a learning, scientific calculation of cement consumption, not only can produce high-quality concrete, but also to reduce the raw materials and Manpower and material resources, from the fundamental reduction in the production costs of concrete, so that enterprises in the market competition in an invincible position! Today, Xiao Bian focuses on the concrete mixing station in the amount of cement:
(1) the relationship between the amount of cement and the transport resistance and the capacity of the concrete pump
The amount of cement should be appropriate. If the amount of cement is insufficient, the pumping capacity is reduced, the transmission resistance is obviously increased, and the water retention of the concrete is very poor, easily bleeding, segregation and clogging; if the cement is too large, it will make the concrete sticky too large, Large, but the pump volumetric efficiency changes little.
(2) the relationship between the amount of cement and aggregate varieties
With the same particle size, graded pebble aggregate and gravel aggregate compared to the larger amount of cement concrete concrete. For fine aggregate, the use of artificial broken sand than natural sand and cement.
(3) the amount of cement and pipe diameter, the length of the relationship between the tube
The smaller the pipe diameter, the longer the pipe, the demand for concrete fluidity, lubricity, water retention is higher, so the amount of cement should be increased.
The above is the amount of cement in the concrete mixing station, and more practical conditions, the amount of other raw materials can be used in proportion, according to the different ingredients, reasonable control of the amount of cement, you can produce the right concrete.
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