How ccommercial concrete mixing plant can effectively control output quality


Commercial concrete mixing plant equipment through the various components with each other, the aggregate and cement powder and water, external additives such as concentrated agitation, and thus made of concrete required for the building. So, in the Commercial concrete mixing plant work process, how to effectively control the quality of concrete output it? Here, Lianhua to talk about some of their own point of view, hoping to give some help to the reader.

Effective control of the output quality of concrete requires the experimenter to carry out the ratio according to the requirements. According to the current national standards, raw materials, construction technology requirements and the construction site environment and other requirements of the design, test with, according to the results of the test results to optimize, and ultimately determine the construction requirements in line with the ratio.

Second, the concrete mixing station technician according to the actual situation of raw materials within the provisions of the mix to adjust the ratio, the background workers on the mixing plant operators to enter the production of computer production with the ratio to confirm.

In addition, to regularly check the various materials. Regular inspection of the water content of raw materials; the production system of various weighing instruments calibration review to ensure the accuracy of production measurement. The production process to monitor, according to the provisions of the factory products for effective self-test to ensure the effective quality of concrete.
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