Analysis of Problems in Belt Conveying of Mobile Concrete Mixing Station


At present, with the gradual development of the mixed station,large inclination belt conveyor because of its high efficiency, fast delivery, easy maintenance of the advantages of universal access to a variety of different specifications of the tubular pile dedicated batching plant, the following, Lianhua to talk about the concrete mixing station belt conveyor May encounter problems?

Belt damage is a tubular pile dedicated batching plant after a period of time, prone to problems, the general performance of degumming, cracking, scratches and so on. This is due to maintenance is not timely cleaning, gravel stuck in the cleaning device between the wear and tear on the belt, and the belt itself has a life, the specific depends on the quality of the belt itself.

In addition, the aggregate transport is not uniform and the aggregate scale discharge, if the discharge interval is too dense, then a variety of aggregate accumulation with each other, resulting in a greater impact, easy to aggregate in the belt material. And the space is too large, pebbles and the like will fall along the belt, resulting in uneven aggregate. Therefore, when dealing with such problems, we must strictly grasp the order of the aggregate discharge, the general discharge of the last sand, but also to adjust the order of reasonable, to ensure that the end of the connection between different aggregates, you can solve such problems.

Basically, the belt conveyor together there are several problems, but the concrete mixing station is a whole system, when the problems encountered, if not self-resolution, or the best time to contact the manufacturers to solve the problem of equipment , So as to minimize the loss.

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