Puzzle large inclination belt conveyor pulley lagging wear problems


The drum in the large inclination belt conveyor is an important part of the conveyor and plays a vital role in the normal operation of the conveyor. Roller failure means that the entire transmission line directly shut down, not only a huge impact on the normal production, but also lead to heavy maintenance workload.
Drum wear is a serious cause of drum failure is the main reason. Therefore, to reduce the drum glue wear has become an important step to solve this problem. At present, there are very few researches on the modeling of roller glue wear in China. Therefore, it is very important to study the mechanism of the wear of drum glue to reduce the impact of the wear on the production, reduce the maintenance cost and the workload, save the resources and optimize the transportation equipment management. Significant meaning.
1, drum package glue the main factors
Roller rubber is a rubber product, its organizational structure is a micro-layered structure. Through the observation of the wear of the field coating, it was found that the wear and tear of the surface showed a slight tearing of the tongue and the fracture of the tongue under the action of stretching. The two processes were Large area occurred, which appeared a macroscopic wear, belonging to the typical abrasive wear.
Through the analysis of the causes of the wear of the drum glue under different working conditions, it can be seen that the positive pressure of the contact surface of the drum and the conveyor belt is larger, and when the coal dust is scattered, the wear of the glue is more serious, frequently. Combined with the actual situation of the wear of the drum, as well as the knowledge of rubber wear, the main factors of drum wear can be attributed to: positive pressure between the drum package and the conveyor belt, filled with wear medium between the conveyor belt and the encapsulant - Coal dust particles, and the elastic friction between the conveyor belt and the drum package when the tension changes.
2, the drum package glue wear mechanism
Wear refers to the friction surface of the relative movement, due to mechanical and (or) chemical phenomenon occurred in the material off. The main reason for the wear of the drum glue is the relative movement between the encapsulated and the contact medium at the larger positive pressure. In this way, there are three important influencing factors in the study of roller glue wear.
(1) Adhesive contact medium. When the large inclination belt conveyor is specially used for transporting coal, there is a large amount of coal particles between the conveyor belt and the drum. A large number of observational studies have found that these particles can be considered to be evenly distributed on conveyor belts and rollers in terms of distribution and thickness.
(2) Positive pressure on the encapsulated layer. This pressure is mainly from the conveyor belt tension. large inclination belt conveyor to protect the normal operation in recent years, the need to apply appropriate tension in the conveyor belt to ensure that the conveyor belt in the start-up and operation process will not appear slip phenomenon.
(3) relative movement between the encapsulant and the contact medium. This relative movement can be divided into two kinds: one is in the large inclination belt conveyor start and stop the moment, the drum package and conveyor belt there will be instantaneous relative movement between the relative movement of the existence of a short time, and intermittent And the other is in the large inclination belt conveyor running, due to the conveyor belt and the drum between the existence of the role of friction torque, so the drum on both sides of the conveyor belt tension is not equal.
Conveyor belts as a rubber product, the change in the length of the tension produced when the change is very obvious. When the large inclination belt conveyor is in operation, the length of the conveyor belt changes continuously from the time it touches the drum to the disengagement drum. In the vicinity of the drum rotation speed, there is elastic sliding between the conveyor belt and the encapsulant. large inclination belt conveyor will always occur during the normal operation, is leading to drum plastic and contact media, the relative movement between the main reasons.
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