Environmental commercial concrete mixing plant to do noise treatment


Commercial concrete mixing plant in the process of running, because of its weight and size of the equipment in the production process noise is inevitable, which is the composition of green-type mixing plant is separated from the. So this requires the user to control the noise generated in the production process. Here, Lianhua to talk about what measures are the noise control?

1, the use of concrete mixer insulation materials used to close the insulation material with a closed material field, is conducive to reducing the noise generated during the production process.

2, in the choice of production equipment, we can use some low noise, low energy consumption equipment, fundamentally reduce noise pollution. In order to avoid the resonance phenomenon, the rational design of the structure of the mixing tower, or the use of shock absorbers, etc., in the concrete mixing plant in the construction process can use reinforced concrete structure, these measures to reduce the noise play a certain role.

3, the use of warehouse-type ingredients machine. The weighing hopper is placed below the ground to reduce the noise pollution caused by the gravel during the falling process; the ingredients and the gravel storage silo are set in the enclosed shed, effectively blocking the noise generated by the loader during the operation The

4, in the air system using silencer device, reducing the air compressor in the process of running noise.
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