Large inclination belt conveyor Field Application


First, from the composition of the belt system to explain: large inclination belt conveyor is the most important bulk material handling and handling equipment, can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, electricity, food processing and other industrial fields, Mining, iron and steel enterprises, ports, cement plants and other places can see a large number of applications of leather machine, transport machinery can not only complete the transport of bulk materials, but also to transport pieces of material, but according to the use of location, working environment, Species of different, in its design and application will have a greater difference; modern conveyor system has a higher demand for dust, for which the transfer point at the water and dust collection device, in the tape Conveyors along the wind shield will be equipped with a windshield or windshield board, the system is composed of a single machine, the machine in the machine system operation and repair, it is necessary to stand on their own stand-alone, but also to understand the system Interrelated, stand-alone is composed of many components, and only do the daily maintenance of various components to make it in good working condition, in order to ensure the safety of equipment We will generally be based on the use of large inclination belt conveyor location, working environment, technical performance and transportation materials, and other types of different ways to meet the various operating conditions in the form, in addition to the use of more general large inclination belt conveyor, There are a variety of new structure of the special tape conveyor, which is representative of the main: large angle belt machine, deep groove belt machine and pressure belt machine, tubular belt, air belt belt, Line friction type, corrugated conveyor large inclination belt conveyor transport machinery, etc., can be refined there are a variety of classification, now the following description: According to the use of classification, a general mobile, underground selection, open-pit mine fixed, special Structure, removable conveyor, loader dedicated reproduced function, large angle conveyor, etc., in general, short distance from the factory transport aircraft can be completed level, shipped or shipped, reversible pattern large inclination belt conveyor can be used for two-way transmission Material, cantilever is usually installed on the stacker, and can be rotated to achieve the role of drainage or fabric, and by the mast supported by the overhead machine usually with other bulk For example, in the construction of hydropower construction, the standard intermediate frame can be configured, which is located on the sleeper, which can be easily classified by the type of transport material, which is used for loose materials, A large inclination belt conveyor for a single piece of material is classified according to the position of the carrier belt of the rubber conveyor belt, including three types of two-way conveyors in which the belt bearing section is above and below the load bearing section and at the same time, The two-way conveyor can carry the material separately on the upper and lower branches, but in order to keep the material contact surface from changing, it is necessary to periodically flip the rubber band.
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