The large inclination belt conveyor Drum Diameter Selection


The large inclination belt conveyor is a continuous conveying device for conveying the material through the conveyor belt carrying the material as a traction and carrying member. The large inclination belt conveyor is a kind of conveyor and is widely used. The large inclination belt conveyor can be And other transport equipment to form a complex line, in the design of the large inclination belt conveyor roller selection is very important, select the drum is the main indicator of the diameter of the drum. The selection of large diameter drums is beneficial for the use of conveyor belts. However, when the drum diameter increases, the quality of the drive drum, the reduction ratio of the drive unit reducer, the quality and size of the gear unit need to be increased accordingly. Select the drum diameter to consider the following factors.
1, the maximum or average pressure between the conveyor belt and the drum surface.
2, the amount of plastic and plastic package deformation.
3, the conveyor belt allowable strength utilization (that is, the maximum tension of the conveyor belt and conveyor belt allowable ratio of the percentage).
4, the frequency of the conveyor belt bending (with the guide way around the number of drums, distance and speed related).
5, the installation of the conveyor location and conditions of use (such as: ground, downhole, open air, mobile, fixed, etc.)
6, the conveyor belt around the drum when the conveyor belt bending stress.
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