The Importance of Operating Rules for tubular pile dedicated batching plant


Each post in the post will be subject to strict operational training, not only to the workers on the structure and principles of the machine have a preliminary understanding, more importantly, let the workers have a very strong sense of security. For large-scale concrete equipment such as concrete mixer, a slight operation will give us a threat to the safety of life.
There is a lot of news coverage for casualties caused by improper handling of tubular pile dedicated batching plant, and there will be reports of tubular pile dedicated batching plant for a short period of time. For example, the concrete mixer bite the legs accident, card accident, people were involved in the accident of concrete mixer, etc., these accidents are due to the operator of the machine caused by improper operation.
In the operation of many people will feel that the problem is not, often start after the illegal operation will lead to regrettable after the occurrence of heavy accidents, resulting in injuries when people are very good results, but often this large machine is caused by the human body Of disability and death. Seemingly inconspicuous operation will destroy a persons life, not only this will lead to family misfortune.
To remind those who work in the front line of friends, do not despise the rules of operation, which will make our life-saving straw. Understanding is not thorough, the operation of negligence, only the map is convenient, a moment of laziness will lead to unfortunate life. For their own family, please carefully operate, standardize the operation.
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