The problem of commercial concrete mixing plant should be treated with caution


Commercial concrete mixing plant will be a different fault, some more serious failure we have to pay special attention to these failures seriously affect the product features, performance indicators fail to meet the requirements, these failures are:
1, stirring motor burned;
2, forced mixer arm broken;
3, the commercial concrete mixing plant supporting the host bearing damage, causing the seal failure;
4, concrete mixing plant mixing, lifting mechanism of the transmission system gear shaft parts damage;
5, commercial concrete mixing plant belt conveyor belt fracture;
6, bucket elevator chain with a broken;
7, hopper lifting mechanism wire rope broken caused by hopper rail, the material on the serious deformation, damage;
8, the noise is too large, dust concentration is too high;
9, computer control system instruction failure. Action disorder, need to replace the important electronic components.
If your concrete mixing plant encountered several of the above failures, be sure to stop repair, replace the external main parts or open the body to replace the internal important parts.
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