Discharge method of belt conveyor and conveying system


There are many types of belt conveyor and conveying system, each type of concrete mixer is not the same way of operation. The use of methods and mode of operation is also different, so many customers do not know how they are operating, and today we introduce you to a market often used concrete mixer ---- forced concrete mixer. There are two ways of unloading a single horizontal shaft forced mixer: one is the tipping pan, one is the side of the bucket. The advantage of dumping is that the discharge speed can be artificially controlled. When the feeder is filled, it can be used to let the hopper up and down, and it is particularly suitable for transportation with hand dump truck. Single horizontal shaft mixer in this way with a particularly large, mixing tank of the tipping power, with the cylinder more, good reliability.
 However, for large and medium single horizontal shaft mixer, because the mixer size, the use of side open the door structure of the majority. Side of the door unloading structure is not very complicated, but the production requirements are high, especially the size of the discharge gate shape must be with the side of the cylinder with the rectangular hole preparation, if not with the strict, easy to produce leakage slurry, power source must There is enough thrust, because the mixing blade squeeze mixing material, the discharge gate to produce a large diameter of the thrust, if the adjustment is not good, prone to leakage slurry phenomenon.
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