Standard for safe operation ofCommercial concrete mixing plant when cleaning agitators


Commercial concrete mixing plant in the cleaning tank or replace the mixing tank accessories, this time if the concrete mixer start the consequences would be disastrous, this is the mixer or mixing station safety management focus, must follow the following criteria:
1, strictly abide by the mixing station safe operating procedures, stirring cylinder operation should be turned off the power of the main gate, press the emergency stop button, the host parking button, and hang "someone homework, do not close" signs!
2, the operation of the mixer when the operator must be in the control room on duty, and in the confirmation of the mixing tank in a fully closed state before entering the mixing tank operation.
3, each mixing tank must be started before the alarm bell, so that other staff have enough time to leave the machine work area, and to confirm the work area in the machine without the case to start the machine.
4, during the work, any person can not load machine unloading and unloading work area to stay.
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