Commercial concrete mixing plant Mixing Blade Installation Precautions


One: installation precautions
1. The agitation of the commercial concrete mixing plant should be consistent, can not be installed;
2. Mixing leaves too large or too small will affect the mixing production, so the blade and the stirring axis of the tilt angle of 70 degrees or 80 degrees can be;
3. The best angle of mixing leaves is to rotate to the upper exposed mud 20-30mm;
4. The phase of the mixing blades on the two shafts should be offset from the phase of the paint by 90 degrees;
5. Install the mixing leaves must be tightened, should try to tighten the head of the first nut on the mixing leaves;
Second: repair commercial concrete mixing plant mixing leaves damage the main reasons are:
1. Blade wear, this time the need for cutting the edge of the blade wring the edge of the slant cut, and then with the same thickness of the blade cut into the required scale welding to the blade residue;
2. Petiole bending or broken, resulting in these two reasons are: (1) petiole strength is not enough, then increase the petiole diameter, with round steel processing; (2) petiole more brittle, then can be changed to ordinary round steel.

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