Some Questions about Belt Conveyor material handling and loading belt


Belt Conveyor is a widely used transportation machinery and equipment, while the belt conveyor material handling and loading belt in the use of the process is very fast wear, liner wear mainly in: block material in the process of falling In the liner produced on the impact of the liner caused by the impact of wear and tear; material directly impact liner caused by liner damage powder material sliding on the liner and the liner surface friction caused by irregular wear

After years of continuous exploration, sum up, the funnel and chute liner was modified, so that the funnel and chute liner life more than doubled, so that the life of the liner has been greatly improved, greatly reducing the steel Consumption. The main method of transformation is as follows: the belt conveyor head funnel converted into a rectangular funnel, due to the belt speed varies, the funnel floor according to the different material feeding point, the appropriate lengthening or shortening, cancel the bottom liner to reduce the funnel Weight, so that the material at the bottom of the funnel there is a certain accumulation, so that the material will not directly impact and wear funnel, thereby enhancing the funnel life, but also greatly reduces the material on the liner wear. Will be tiled in the tiling of the liner into a vertical liner so that the vertical liner between the neutral space will be full of material, basically the formation of material abrasive situation, the material on the lining of the wear will be greatly reduced. Through the practical application of good performance, not only save a lot of liner, the original use of thick steel plate to do lining, and now use thick steel plate can be, and greatly reduces the maintenance staff workload and labor intensity, saving a lot of manpower , Reducing downtime maintenance time, improve the operation rate of equipment for the normal production of enterprises to provide a reliable guarantee.
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