Analysis on the Causes of Roller Rupture in material handling and loading belt


In the process of mechanical operation, the impact of material handling and loading belt drum rupture factors will increase, the following we together to analyze the reasons for the emergence of the problem;

 First, the belt tension force increased over the case of excessive speed, the role of the torque on the drum will increase, this will make the drum and its parts bending deformation, coupled with the conveyor working environment is bad, resulting in roller fracturing;

 Second, the strength of the drum itself is not enough, the selected steel plate material or steel plate thickness is not enough, is bound to cause the drum rupture;

 Third, the quality of steel plate is not easy to cause high rupture. In the welding process will produce welding stress, the treatment is not good, under pressure in the welding site will soon crack.

Belt and roller surface of the crushed coal and dirt caused by the wear and tear is a typical abrasive wear. The wear produced by these crushed lines often produces special chips and forms pitting on the surface of the damaged drum, with a fatigue effect that causes the drum to break. Due to the chemical action of liquid or gaseous medium, the wear and tear increased, so that the roller strength becomes low; increase the angle will increase the drum surface traction, reduce wear, but the envelope angle is not too large, otherwise it will increase the bending fatigue Damage; improve the friction coefficient is the best way to reduce wear.
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