A New Form of belt conveyor and conveying system - Telescopic Belt Conveyor


Telescopic belt conveyor and conveying system, also known as telescopic loader, is called the scalable machine because it has the ability to adjust the length, change the length of the performance advantages. It is a new, efficient, fully consistent with the needs of the current business of professional loading and unloading equipment can be two-way operation of transport materials, with other transportation equipment and material sorting system used in conjunction to achieve production and transportation operations automation. Type of goods: cartons, bags, parcels, luggage, tires and so on.

   Since the expansion of the conveyor belt conveyor and conveying system, the major companies greatly improve the production efficiency and shorten the distance from the manual handling of materials, can reduce cargo loading and unloading time, reduce labor intensity, reduce cargo damage, reduce loading and unloading costs, telescopic belt conveyor and conveying system Commonly used in logistics center, corporate warehousing, post office, express, airport, fertilizer, flour, food, beverages, tires and other enterprises loading or unloading of goods, it was first used for logistics, tobacco industry and other industries, and gradually extended to other industry. Suitable for the type of goods cartons, all kinds of bags, parcels, luggage, etc., with a wide range of characteristics. The telescopic loader can be used alone or unloaded to be used with other conveyor equipment and material sorting systems to achieve efficient automation of loading or unloading.

  Telescopic belt conveyor and conveying system can be achieved only 2 people can move to different locations, just artificial close the goods can be completed by dragging the goods. The belt machine can be in the length of the direction of free expansion and contraction; at any time to control the length of the conveyor; can be two-way operation of conveying materials; multi-directional adjustment of the conveyor operating position.

The following is the use of specific attention should be:

1, the conveyor will move to the cargo delivery location; 2, the conveyor close to the appropriate location of the operation, pay attention not too close to prevent the conveyor and other trucks running phenomenon; 3, turn on the power, open the switch to start the transport operations Note: The side switch is the reverse switch, the front button for the start switch, the red light for the power indicator, the display for the counting display device (above a small button, you can count the zero) to safely operate the above buttons to prevent the occurrence of Accident; 4, according to job requirements, through the hydraulic device to adjust the nose height. The hydraulic controller to twist outward, head up, inward twist, nose down. 5, after the completion of the delivery operation, should promptly turn off the switch, unplug the power, and then move the telescopic belt conveyor and conveying system to the specified in the direction of the controller, Location is placed. 6, after the completion of the operation, pay attention to the maintenance of the conveyor work: check the conveyor parts are good, coated with lubricants, check the bolts are fastened and so on.
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