Failure Analysis of HZN concrete mixing plant


HZN concrete mixing plant are also common and even commonly used equipment, which in the use of the process to show a lot of their own unique advantages, because it is the use of multi-layer steel plate stack, as long as the screw wheel can be adjusted to adjust its height. However, to bring people to facilitate the HZN concrete mixing plant will often have some problems: the lift is sometimes not up.

Why the hydraulic HZN concrete mixing plant will appear such a fault? To find the reason we must be in the principles, structure and quality of the main analysis:

First of all, the motor is a very important factor, ladder up and down regulation is mainly through the role of the motor, only the motor has enough power to make the ladder lift freely. Motor problems first to find the quality of the raw materials used, the use of aluminum wire to do the raw material of the motor failure frequency is much higher than the use of copper.

Second, the wire rope and pulley winding situation is also a very important factor, we can see the wire rope must be lap around the winding on the pulley can make the ladder with the effect of lifting, this winding is not a simple winding, its Winding method requires very fine, which is troubleshooting the main concern when the fault. This is also to buy a HZN concrete mixing plant to provide a basis for friends.
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