How to extend the service life of HZN concrete mixing plant


HZN concrete mixing plant are mainly those who mix the cement and sand and gravel, can imagine, HZN concrete mixing plant need to have a strong intensity, and after stirring will certainly have some sediment consolidation in the paddle, and will make the body stained with a lot Of the soil. Which is inseparable from the maintenance and maintenance of the mixer. How to maintain the mixer so that its life extension?

First, in the use of HZN concrete mixing plant to be prepared between the work, the most important thing is to check, check the working status of each part is normal.

Second, after the completion of the work in a timely manner on the mixer body cleaning, after the use of the mixer to be cleaned in time, the blender body dirty things are cleared, while avoiding the soil can enter the motor, gear and other equipment. At the same time also from time to time to the machine coated with lubricating oil, to avoid the huge friction caused by the damage to the mixer.

Third, in the HZN concrete mixing plant when the work also need to pay attention to its work from time to time, such as motors, gears and other equipment can be their work when the sound to determine whether the normal, if there is any abnormal noise, Timely stop the work of the machine, a careful inspection.

Only a good day on the HZN concrete mixing plant maintenance work, will make the mixer with a longer time to ensure that the quality of the prepared concrete is more reliable.
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