Planetary concrete mixer for the production of concrete necessary tools


Speaking of concrete we certainly will not feel strange, do you think of a problem: the concrete is made of a variety of materials mixed, what is the machine makes the concrete mix so uniform? Answer: planetary concrete mixer.

planetary concrete mixer to complete the composition of its ingredients evenly mixed and can guarantee the quality of its concrete task, completely inseparable from its main device, the first planetary concrete mixer to have a mixing tube, of course, the so-called feeding, unloading and other institutions can not be missing.

Planetary concrete mixers can be divided into different types of mixers according to their different properties. The type of concrete can not only be divided according to the nature of work, but also in accordance with the principle of mixing, installation, discharge and mixing structure to divide. Of course different types have different types of benefits.

For example, since the fall mixer is a planetary concrete mixer according to its principle of mixing a kind of self-fall mixer it rose the time earlier, about just in the 20th century when there was a self-falling mixer. It is conceivable that its structure should be quite simple, the operation is quite convenient. But it has its own limitations, that is mainly suitable for mixing plastic concrete, and those hard and dry concrete is required by another later rise of the mixer - forced mixer to complete.
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